Who We Are...

The West Michigan college and university presidents together commit to promoting full respect and support for every individual, regardless of race or ethnicity, since only a full embrace of the many cultures and backgrounds among us will ensure a united community moving forward together.  This requires that we combat interpersonal, systemic and cultural racism whenever and wherever they appear in our institutions of higher education and in our community.  We accept this as our responsibility and we will encourage efforts to address the issues of racism, diversity, sensitivity and understanding in curricular and co-curricular ways for all students, faculty and staff.  We commit to education and ongoing training that will enable our leadership, faculty and staff to better identify and address these issues in our institutions and build multicultural academic communities.  And we pledge that our institutions will work together to:

  • share efforts and resources,
  • support the activities of other institutions,
  • engage in appropriate reciprocal partnerships with the broader community,
  • hold one another accountable to these goals, and
  • cooperate in concrete ways to promote anti-racist and multicultural efforts.

Our goal in this is to ensure that our institutions of higher education actively contribute to the efforts in West Michigan to affirm, respect and embrace people of all ethnic and racial backgrounds.